Budapest Autumn/ Winter baby and kids activities in English - UPDATED

November 7, 2023

In this post I have collected the English activities and playgroups that are aimed at toddlers and younger babies that are starting up or continuing from September 2012. Kacifant Playhouse will continue to host the Budapest Moms baby and toddler playgroup on Wednesdays (first on 5th September) between 10am and 1pm. (750 HUF per mom) […]

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The best child-friendly restaurants and cafes in Budapest - part 1 PEST

June 24, 2023

The non-smoking ban in Hungary finally came into effect in January 2012 in all restaurants and bars and it has already made a huge difference with most establishments complying with the law. From April restaurants who don’t comply can get fined up to 1 million HUF. This is great and gave me the chance to […]

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Rank’s Ramblings – Reflections and Tips from a First Time Mama

June 20, 2023

 Trust your instincts. I know, I know. You are pregnant now and wondering wherethese instincts are going to magically appear from. Don’t fret. Once that’s babyis in your arms you are going to have a mama bear sixth sense like you’ve neverimagined. Do not let any expert convince you they know your baby better thanyou. […]

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The Story of a Broken Arm

June 18, 2023

Adri has written us another guest post on her first experience with the Hungarian Children’s Emergency room. It was Mother’s Day, and we’d just been to Eddie’s beautiful show at his kindergarten. The extended family was having drinks at a lovely nearby restaurant with outdoor seating and a small playground. Eddie and his sister Eija […]

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Budapest with kids – Parks (part 3) Buda Hills

June 9, 2023

Buda Hills/ Janos-hegy, Normafa/ Children’s railway I try to get up to the Buda hills a couple of times a year, it always has so much to offer whatever the season.  If you seriously want to get away from the smoke and the noise of the city, whether you wanna do some serious walking, hiking […]

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Mama Pea Pod: 5 tips for telling your preschooler how babies are made

June 4, 2023

Budapest Mom and blogger, Jane, a.k.a. Mama Pea Pod is sharing her experience on how to handle the tough question on how babies are made My not-yet-5-year-old daughter wanted to know recently about how babies are made. She already knew the basics: that they grow inside their mummies’ tummies, that they get food from the […]

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Rank’s Ramblings - You know you are a mother to a newborn when…

May 21, 2023

You know you are a mother to a newborn when… You are excited to get four consecutive hours of sleep at one time. You go through an entire box of nursing pads in a day. You drink more water each day than someone hiking the Grand Canyon in the peak heat of summer. You haven’t […]

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Budapest with kids - Parks (part 2) City Park

May 13, 2023

No 2: Varosliget (City Park) Although City Park is more built up then I would like it to be, it’s a nice spot to hang out for the day. We visit the Budapest Zoo a few times a year; there have been so many little arrivals recently (2 orangutan babies last year, the little gorilla […]

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Easter in Hungary (Part 2)

April 4, 2023

This is the second in our series examining Easter customs in Hungary. Click here to read the first installment, all about the traditional Easter ham. Painted eggs aka “hímes tojás” Eggs are an intrinsic part of Easter practically everywhere with a Christian tradition. Eggs are an ancient symbol of birth and fertility, and also represent […]

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