Rank’s Ramblings - You know you are a mother to a newborn when…

by Melissa Rank on May 21, 2023

You know you are a mother to a newborn when…

You are excited to get four consecutive hours of sleep at one time.

You go through an entire box of nursing pads in a day.

You drink more water each day than someone hiking the Grand Canyon in the peak heat of summer.

You haven’t brushed your hair in three days, and don’t care.

Speaking of brushing… it’s 9pm and you just remembered to brush your teeth.

If you eat three meals in a day, you feel like you’ve truly accomplished something.

Lanolin products are dispersed throughout your house.

After putting your baby down you find yourself looking at her pictures and weeping.

Your life revolves around the bowel movements of another person.

When you go outside your hair is in a bun and you have no make-up on. Ironically, your baby is picture perfect matching bows and all.

You’ve never been so happy in your life to sleep on your stomach.

You realize you no longer need heartburn medicine after every meal.

You still check on your baby while she is sleeping every fifteen minutes.

You become frightfully talented at carrying on both sides of a conversation.

You can’t stop staring at her and kissing her cheeks.

You can’t stop smiling when you think about her.

Deep, heartfelt joy is your life.


My name is Melissa and I came to lovely Budapest with my husband, Scott, who is pursuing a PHD at Central European University. Since our arrival in summer 2010 I have kept busy teaching English to business professionals, finding beautiful running and hiking trails and exploring coffee shops all over the city. Most recently I became a mother to a darling little girl, so I’m scrambling to figure out how to handle this new job that did not come with a manual! Read more about Melissa and her ramblings on her very own blog.

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Reka Balogh May 21, 2023 at 12:57 pm

Well, I don’t know about sleeping on my stomach. I was breastfeeding both my kids, and because of my huge breasts sleeping on them was right out of the question.


Melissa Rank July 14, 2023 at 5:17 am

I was like that in the beginning too, but now that things have regulated I can sleep on my stomach again. Hooray!


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