Rank’s Ramblings - First Name Day

by Melissa Rank on February 27, 2023

The Hungarian Name Day is one of my favorite celebrations in Hungary. What a novel idea! It’s like a second birthday! Our daughter, Eleanor, had her name day a few days ago. When we had our daughter I specifically wanted a name that was both American and Hungarian. Even though we don’t plan to live in Hungary forever, I want her to have a special connection with her birthplace. In some ways I feel like her name keeps that connection no matter where in the world we go.

At any rate, what gift do you buy for a four-week old baby? Well, her very sweet father was educated by one of the students he teaches, that socks are a wonderful gift. So, ever the one on a trajectory of getting wrapped around her little pinky, he did not come home without socks. Darling, little green socks that tell me he is a goner.


My name is Melissa and I came to lovely Budapest with my husband, Scott, who is pursuing a PHD at Central European University. Since our arrival in summer 2010 I have kept busy teaching English to business professionals, finding beautiful running and hiking trails and exploring coffee shops all over the city. Most recently I became a mother to a darling little girl, so I’m scrambling to figure out how to handle this new job that did not come with a manual! Read more about Melissa and her ramblings on her very own blog.

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