The best child-friendly restaurants and cafes in Budapest - part 1 PEST

by Andi Lustak on June 24, 2023

The non-smoking ban in Hungary finally came into effect in January 2012 in all restaurants and bars and it has already made a huge difference with most establishments complying with the law. From April restaurants who don’t comply can get fined up to 1 million HUF.

This is great and gave me the chance to move away from just focusing on finding the best non-smoking places and instead search for the eateries that are the most baby and child-friendly in town.

We try to eat out at least once a week and found that most restaurants will have highchairs these days, if they don’t it’s for a reason and probably parents with children are not high priority target for them. Having changing stations is a different matter sadly and you will find that not many restaurants will have them.

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In this listing I have tried to find the places that have some sort of entertainment/ kids corner and or changing facilities for children. I am sure it’s not everything so if you have found a new place do share it. :)


5th District

Farger Cafe

  • Address: 5th district, Zoltán u. 18. (on Szabadság tér).
  • Phone: 06 20 959 9128
  • Directions: Kossuth ter M2 metro or tram 2 stop
  • Info: used to be our favourite Sunday breakfast place on Szabadsag ter when we lived in the district. Child-friendly and dog-friendly. By the way, it’s best to provide space for your dog’s playground specifically in the backyard. But make sure to contact dog fencing aspen co for the installation process. Free wifi. Used to be a smoking cafe so we mainly went here in the summer as it has a nice terrace. Highchair, kids table and chairs and some toys, no baby – changing facility.
Farger Cafe

Iguana Restaurant

  • Address: 5th district, Zoltan u. 16 (on Szabadsag ter)
  • Phone: 06 1 331 4352
  • Open: every day 11.30am till 1am
  • Directions: Kossuth ter M2 metro or tram 2 stop
  • Info: Nice spot in town for weekend brunches. Weekday daily menu for 1500 Huf, Kids corner.

Pizza EATaliano restaurants (former Pizza Marziano)

  • Locations:
  • Vécsey utca (by Szabadsag ter)
  • Budapest, V. Vécsey utca 5.
  • Open: 11:00 - 24:00
  • Phone: 06-1-354-5454
  • Directions: M2 metro or tram 2 to Kossuth ter
  • Dorottya utca (behind Hotel Intercontinental)
  • Budapest, V. Dorottya utca 6.
  • Open: 12:00 - 24:00
  • Phone: 06-1-328-0432
  • Directions: short walk from Vorosmarty ter M1 metro, or walk from tram2 Chain Bridge stop
  • Info: Good pizzas, all Pizza EATaliano restaurants have proper changing facilities and highchairs.
  • Pizza EATaliano restaurants organise kids partys. Kids can make their own pizzas in the kitchen with the best utensils you can get if you visit patricia’s website.

6th District

Eco Cafe

  • Address: Bp. Andrassy ut 68
  • Open: Mon - Fri: 7am-8pm, Weekend: 8am-8pm
  • Directions: M1 Vorosmarty u stop, short walk from Oktogon 4/6 tram stop
  • Info: Delicious sandwiches/ organic cafe. Little corner with a few toys for the little ones

Pizza EATaliano restaurant (former Pizza Marziano)

  • Budapest, VI. Andrássy út 41.
  • Open: 11:00 - 24:00
  • Phone: 06-1-413-6589
  • Directions: Tram 4/6 Oktogon stop or M1 metro stop

Vakvarju restaurant PEST

  • Address: 6th district, Paulay Ede utca 7 (near Deak Ter)
  • Open:11am till midnight
  • Phone: 06-70/94-28-194
  • Directions: short walk from Deak ter Metro
  • Info: It’s a nice downtown eatery with lovely carpeted fenced off kid’s corner with loads of toys. Highchairs, kids menu, baby-changing station. Some Budapest Moms complained that they found the staff a bit rude but I think it really depends on the actual waiter. The waiters are all male and I guess their brains just work differently. Just a little story: I ordered some chips straight away to avoid having to wait too much for the proper meal, but I realised one of the kids menu had that with chicken so walked up to the waiter and got the order changed. Somewhere they didn’t communicate so my first chips arrived and when they realised they were ready to walk off with it despite my daughter literally hanging out of the highchair shouting ‘chips, chips’ – so I had to ask him to leave those on the table. I mean really? But anyway the food was good and that kids corner is really nice

    Vakvarju Pest

Book Café and Wine Bar

  • Address: 1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 39. (Párizsi Nagy Áruház)
  • Phone: +36 1 461-5830
  • Open: Mon-Fri 10-22
  • Directions: M1 Oktogon or Opera stops
  • Info: Very child-friendly.

Kaeng Som Tom Yum Thai Restaurant

  • Address: Budapest, Andrassy ut 2, 1061
  • Phone: +36 1 273 09 03
  • Directions: Nearest metro stop is Deak ter on M2/M3 or Bajcsy-Zsilinszki stop on M1, it’s basically a 2 mins walk from Deak ter on the corner of Andrassy and Bajcsy, after the big Costa Cafe on the corner
  • Info: This new Thai place opened in January 2012 and is probably the best Thai experience in the city, great authentic food at really reasonably prices and they have a kids corner up in the gallery level.

    Kaeng Som Tom Yum Thai restaurant’s kids corner

7th District

Flamingo Restaurant

  • Address: 1074 Budapest, Dob u. 57
  • Phone: +3614130567
  • Directions: Wesselenyi u or Kiraly u. 4/6 Tram stops
  • Info: I recommend this restaurant mainly in the summer as it has a fantastic inner garden/ yard outdoor space and seating full of little stones = hours of entertaining fun for toddlers. We recently went their for a 3 yr old’s birthday party and the place was very comfortable for the little ones to run around

    Flamingo restaurant

Zeller Bistro

  • Address: 7th district, Izabella utca 36-38
  • Phone: +3630 651 0880
  • Open: Tue - Sat: 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00
  • Directions: 5 mins walk from Kiraly u. 4/6 Tram stop
  • Info: A new addition to the increasing Pest bistro scene, Zeller has been getting brilliant reviews for its excellent food and service. We tried them out for a Saturday family lunch and indeed it was not bad, though our food arrived cold, which is the number one complaint in general from my fussy husband when it comes to eating out in Hungary. I would still go back as I know most of our friends had good experiences and the service was indeed very friendly and most of all, the little play corner with a carpet and kids table kept my 4 yr old entertained until the food arrived. Booking is necessary as it fills up quickly!
Zeller Bistro


8th District

Szabó Ervin Library’s Café

  • Address: 1088 Budapest, Szabó Ervin tér 1.
  • Phone: +36 1 411-5104
  • Open: Mon-Fri 10-20; Sat 10-16
  • Directions: M3 Kálvin tér stop
  • Info: The best library in town has an amazing kids corner and it’s generally a nice morning out on a rainy day.

9th District

Cafe Intenzo

  • Address: 1091 Budapest, Kálvin tér 9.
  • Phone: +36 1 219 5243
  • Open: Every day 12.00-24.00
  • Directions: M3 Kálvin tér stop, Tram 47/49 Kálvin tér stop
  • Info: My new favourite eatery in our district as it shares the inner garden with the back of the Kalvin ter Reformist church, a beautifully kept green space with plenty of space to run around for the kids while you wait for your food. High chairs available Cafe Intenzo


Birs Bistro

  • Address: 9th district, Raday utca 49.
  • Open: Mon-Sat 12pm till 10pm
  • Phone: 06 203564321 or 06 303499034
  • Directions: M3 Kalvin ter metro stop and walk in, it’s actually a shorter walk from Mester utca stop of the 4/6 tram
  • Info: This family restaurant has home style cooking with Balkan influences and a gourmet twist. They have a kids menu and two big boxes of toys in the upstairs gallery that has comfy sofa seating. Highchairs, no separate changing stations
Birs Bistro

Veranda Bistro

  • Address: 9th district, Vendel utca 9
  • Open: Mon- Fri: 11.30 - 23.00, Sat: 12-10pm, Sun - 12-4pm
  • Phone: +18663636  
  • Directions: M3 Klinikak metro stop or walk in from Mester utca 4/6 tram stop
  • Info: During the week this local restaurant caters for busy office workers looking for good but reasonable daily offers, at the weekend however it has an all inclusive, all you can eat offer for 2500 HUF per person with Hungarian/ international cuisine, free for under 4 yrs olds and they also set up a play corner for families. Several high chairs are available too.








13th District

 Briós Café

  • Address: 1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 17.
  • Phone: +36 1 789-6110
  • Open: Daily 07:30-20
  • Directions: Tram 4/6, Jászai Mari tér stop
  • Info: Very, VERY baby-friendly – there is a whole section with tables, couches and play area dedicated just to kids in the upstairs gallery. No gate there though so you have to watch the stairs so kids don’t fall down.. There is a diaper-changing station (though not regularly used so you have to ask to get it opened as they use it as a storage room), high chairs and childrens menu. Prices are great! Breakfast is ok, and the pastries are drool-worthy.

    Brios Cafe

Cafe Panini

  • Address: 1137 Budapest, Corner or Radnoti Miklos utca and the Rakpart
  • Directions: Tram 4/6 from Moszkva tér, Jászai Mari tér stop, walk towards Árpád bridge on upper rakpart
  • Info: Small little cafe with a tiny corner of toys for kids. Try to get the table at the back with the soft leather bench seating that is next to the toy box. Free wi-fi.

Odeon Café

  • Address: 1136 Budapest, Hollán Ernő u. 7.
  • Phone: +36 1 349-2776
  • Open: Mon-Sun 10-23
  • Directions: Tram 4/6 from Moszkva tér, Jászai Mari tér stop
  • Info: Nice teas, coffee, a few snacks and alcohol. I’ve seen dogs in there with their cool dog toys and plenty of young kids/babies. They have bean bags and quite a few toys to entertain the kids. Also has free wifi but no place to change a diaper except on the cafe couches.

Holdudvar (on Margaret Island) only in summer

  • Address: on the right as you enter Margitsziget from Margit bridge as you pass the fountain.
  • Open: between April and October
  • Info: my favourite eatery on Margaret Island, it has great food at reasonable prices and a great big terrace. Lots of ikea highchairs, baby-changing station, lots of sofas to lounge about inside too. Last year they had sun-chairs and bean-bags with free books and magazines at the entrance.

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Andi Lustak was born in Budapest and is a Freelance Technology PR consultant when she is working and a mom of a beautiful 2 years old daughter. Andi studied, worked and lived in London for 9 years before relocating back to Budapest to spend a big chunk of the year in her beloved home city with her British partner. She found Reka’s baby-mommy group when she was only 4 months pregnant in 2009 and met some great friends since through this great community. Baby-free time these days means watching a lot of box sets in the evening, she and her hubby are currently into Mad Man, Homeland and can’t wait for the new seasons of True Blood and Fringe.


Sylvain March 7, 2023 at 12:16 pm

Zeller Bistro on Izabella Utca in the VIth district is also very kids friendly (kids corner) and we had a great time there. They are also quite affordable and ranked the #1 restaurant by TripAdvisor.

Andi Lustak March 31, 2023 at 12:26 am

Zeller Bistro is now added. We tried it out too and indeed very friendly and good food, and our daughter was entertained in the kids corner until the food arrived :)

Elle July 12, 2023 at 3:06 pm

Only here for a few days, visiting my husband while he’s on business and information was invaluable when looking for kid-friendly restaurants (my hubs colleagues made great suggestions, but none kid -friendly, which made dinner our first night unrelaxing for me). Our dinner at Varkvarju was wonderful in the sense hubs and I could ENJOY a bottle of wine and talk while the wee one happily played! I found the waiters grumpy indeed (there was one female), but it was a wonderful “date night”!

Sylvain July 24, 2023 at 4:25 pm

Try Zeller bistro, they have a couple tables next to a kids’ play area and our 2 year old loved it when we were there. The food there is quite good and the service excellent!


Christina September 9, 2023 at 10:04 pm

Zeller only works if you’re not going with a pram. Went by myself on this recommendation with a buggy and was defeated by the steep staircase! No one there to help…

sylvain September 10, 2023 at 10:00 pm

That’s weird cos we had a stroller and someone from the restaurant helped us… sorry!

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