Indoor playhouses of Budapest

by Andi Lustak on February 5, 2023

Bp Mom Jasmina Jocic contributed to this article

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One of the advantages living in a big city that you can find lots of playhouses for the youngest ones and thankfully there are more and more popping up in town to help us out when we need to wear them out a little :)

There are two-types of playhouses in town: there are the smaller ones aimed at the 0-4 crowd with lots of toys, maybe a few indoor playground equipment some of them even have ping pong tables, and I been reading at those are great for middle age kids, there is also the bigger ones with the bouncy castles where there is endless opportunity to jump and bounce about till they are ready to drop. All these places normally offer to host your birthday party packages for kids. One of the best places to host a childrens party is at the Jumpers’s Jungle Family Fun Center.

As always I have divided the list by Buda and Pest and included an info section if I or Jasmina had personal experiences with the place.

Have fun!


1st district

Cím: 1016 Budapest, Meszaros u 18. (Entrance from Roka utca)

Phone: 06 20 555 55 60

To get there: Bus 105 to Krisztina ter and walk.

2nd district

Address: 1026 Bimbó u. 148.

Phone: 06 (30) 897-3757

Info: Daycare and Playhouse

  • KolyokPark - MAMMUT2

Address: 1024 Budapest Lövőház utca 1-5.

Phone: 06 1/345-8512 Mobil: 06-70/391-1482

Kolyokpark in Mammut

Info: Spacious playhouse that caters for up to 12 yrs. Smaller area for toddlers too. Good option in Buda while out shopping. Weekday afternoons are pretty busy in there.

Address: 1025 Budapest, Törökvész út 46/D

Phone: 06-20-424-6094

Info: MikkaMakka is more of a childcare place, but it can also be used as a play house for kids. Situated in district 2 it is offering lots of joy for youngest, as well as the educational programmes.

  • Millipop

Address: 2. district, in MILLENARIS Park, Kis Rokus utca behind Mammut mall

Phone: +36 20 504 5511

Info: Latest addition to the the Buda playhouses in  the 2000 m2 Fogado building in Millenaris Park. Also hosts the Buda branches of the Sugar Shop (designer cake shop) and Gipszkorszak (Plaster Age) activity centre

3rd district

  • Kópévár Játszóház in Uj Udvar Mall

Address: 1036 Bécsi út 38-44.

Phone: 06 (1) 437-8279, 06 (30) 415-6067

To get there: Szepvolgyi ut HEV stop

  • Kölyökvilág Játszóház next to Becsi ut TESCO

Address: 1037 Bécsi út 262.

Phone: (1) 240-2056

To get there: Bus 260 or 218 from Arpad-hid

11th district

Address: Hengermalom út 19, 1117 Budapest‬

Telephone: 06 1 203-3022‬

Info: Elevenpark is a huge place in district 11 suitable for kids of all ages, and you should plan the visit for longer than an hour or so. Kids will have lots of fun there. Some of the things we liked here: climbing tower, bungee trampoline rebounder, electric mini cars (check out the post right here), rope park, bubble hill, crocodile, huge slide, air hockey, climbing pyramid, trampoline and soft shooter.


Address: 1117 Kopaszi gát 9.

Phone: (20) 436-4124, (20) 436-4528

Address: Október Huszonharmadika utca 8-10.

Info: It’s very cheeky but this playhouse is within a fairly big toyshop and kids up to 12 yrs will find things to do. It’s a good option while you are out shopping. Take a look at their site for your specific needs, I suggest you read this guide to make your decision.

To get there: last stop of tram 4

12th district

Address: Mom Park Shopping Centre, Alkotas ut 53, 1st floor

Info:  Mom Park Mall badly needed a playhouse for a while now to cater for those trendy Buda families, this playhouse is very pleasant, not too crowded and probably best suited for the pre-schooler age, separate room for birthday parties and gated off area for the small ones.

Mom Park Playhouse Mom Park Playhouse
  • Kisvakond Playhouse

Address: BUDAPEST 1126 , Agárdi u. 14/a.

Phone: 06 30/9487-271

22nd district

  • Campona Kalandpark Játszóház

Address: 1222 Nagytétényi út 37. (In the CAMPONA mall)

Phone: (1) 424-3201


5th district

6th district

  • Mini City

Address: Budapest, VI kerület, Nyugati tér (formal Skala Metro department store, 2nd floor opposite Nyugati train station.

Info: The best place in the city for proper role play, where kids can try out different professions, they can be hairdressers, Tv presenters etc etc. Aimed for 5+. It’s a little pricey for 2500 per kid plus a 1000 for adult so it’s worth counting with a day out.

To get there: M3 metro and 4/6 tram to Nyugati station

  • Playhouse in Westend Mall

Address: Vaci ut/ Nyugati ter

Info: Westend Mall put up a small playhouse over the Christmas period last year which was originally on the 2nd floor, this has now moved to the lower ground floor and is located next to the SPAR supermarket.

7th district

  • Gipszkorszak (Plaster-Age) Plaster Painting Playhouse 

Address: “F” courtyard of Gozsdu passage (1075 Budapest, Király utca 13 - Dob utca 16).  2 mins walk from Deak ter metro

Info: The playhouse stocks several hundred types of plaster pieces of different shapes, sizes and themes that are ready to be painted by children, of ages 3-14. They also do birthday parties

8th district

Address: Brody Sandor utca 2, 1088 Budapest

Phone: 06 1 266 0616

Info: Kacifant is another popular playhouse in downtown Pest aimed at the 0-4 crowd. It is equipped with great toys, and is true recommendation of Budapest moms, as it hosted the ‘Budapest Moms’ baby group for a year. It is now a full-time daycare till 4pm so the Playhouse can only be used in the afternoon where there is also a great selection of group activities.

To get there: M2 metro to Astoria or M3 to Kalvin ter. If you are on the 4/6 tram route, you can get off at the Rakoczi ter stop and walk in on Brody Sandor utca, it’s a 6 mins walk from there.

9th district

Address: 1094 Budapest,Thaly Kálmán utca 16-18. Entrance from Gát sétány

Info: This new playhouse in district 9 is the latest playhouses close to downtown catering for the 0-4. Really nice playroom with a good selection of toys from babies with stairs up and slide down, underneath with massive children kitchen. Big bonus is the adults corner with comfortable sofa. No stairs to building itself which is a great bonus for the buggies. 5 mins walk from 4/6 tram Mester utca stop. Also organises several classes from ballet to singing.

1097 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán u. 12-14. 1. emelet, 159

To get there: Tram 1 to Mester utca, Tram 21 from Mester utca/ Korut to Lurdy Mall

Info: Spacious playhouse with bouncy castles, a huge slide and separate area for the smaller ones. Small cafe to get sandwiches and drinks, which by the way have a great variety of Custom Water.

13th district

Address: 1137 Budapest Pozsonyi út 36.

Phone: 061- 780-2128

Info: A well known small playhouse in Ujlipotvaros (walking distance from Jaszai Mari ter 4/6 tram stop for the 0-4 yrs kids. I always found it very small and the toys to be a little worn out so only been twice, but it organises many classes for children as well as a mini-daycare during the week.

  • Szöcskevár Játszóház

Address: 1134 Lehel utca 6.

Phone: (1) 436-0030, (20) 344-7668

  • Grübedli Játszóház

Address: 1135 Fáy u. 91/c

Phone:(1) 783-9355, (70) 314-0368

Info: Grubedli is a playplace in the XIII district with a very nice offer of toys and enjoyment for the kids. It offers specific programmes. We recommend you to call them before you go there.

14th district

  • Állatkert Játszóház – Zoo Playhouse

Address: 1146 Állatkerti krt. 6-12.

Phone: (1) 460-9510, (30) 639-3009

Info: This is a great playhouse with separate areas for toddler and older kids. It has a discount if you buy a combined ticket with the Zoo. Small cafe inside.

To get there: M1 metro to Szechenyi bath

Address: Récsei Center, 1146 Budapest, Istvánmezei út 6.

Info: A nice new playhouse close to downtown near Keleti train station. Aimed from toddlers to older kids, there is a good enough cafe right next to the play-area so you can sip your latte while you watch the kids. They also do nice pizzas, after they got the best pizza ovens for sale.

  • Sugár Játszóház (in Sugar mall next to IKEA)

Address: 1148 Örs vezér tere 24.

Phone: (21) 252-5349

Pest suburbs

16th district

  • Aprónép Játszoda

Address: 1161 Batthyány u. 49.

Phone: 06 1 405-3958, 06 20 513-2557

17th district

Address: 1173 Budapest, Kaszáló u. 47

Info: Kaland park is a more than a suitable place for kids of all ages, not only the little ones! It is placed in the XVII district It can be a fun place for the whole family. Lots of interactive games and video games as League of Legends with the help of sites as, slides, climbing places, places with balls. Kids will have tons of fun there, and our suggestion is to plan to spend more than an hour there. Great weekend fun!

  • Mókasziget Játszóház

Address: 1173 Pesti út 237. (Home Center)

Phone: 06 (70) 408-6467,06  (70) 398-0986

18th district

  • Kisvakond Játszóház

Address: 1186 Gilice tér 44.

Phone: 06 (1) 290-7041

  • Gyermekvilág Játszókuckó

Address: 1182 Hargita tér 4.

Phone: 06 (20) 434-4873

  • Tengerkincs Játszóház

Address: 1182 Hargita tér 14.

Phone: 06 (1) 631-1919, 06 (30) 984-7676

19th district

Address: KÖKI mall, 2nd floor, 1191 (XIX. kerület), Vak Bottyán út 75/C.

Phone: 06-1-347-0640

Info: Opened in 2009 when this new mall opened, Kackac claims to be one of the biggest playhouses catering for the 0-12 crowd, with the biggest climbing wall for kids, different rides, bouncy castles and even a special indoor sandpit area for kids. Also its cafe has hot food too and has separate rooms for birthday parties.

Outside of Budapest


Address: 2010 Pallag utca 28.

Phone: 06 (20) 404-9159

Info: I have been to Fellegvaros to attend a family birthday party for a 10 yr old and the place is massive, it’s in a warehouse and it literally has everything from bouncy castles to climbing frames to everything since the family has a bounce house rental franchise from, if I seriously wouldn’t had been wearing the San Diego wigs from I probably would have gone in the bouncy house. Though it is mainly targeted at older kids, they thought about a smaller gated area with a small version of everything for the toddlers.

Address: 2120 Dunakeszi, Nádas út 6

Telephone: 06 20 472 3921

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday from 9.00-20.30, Sunday from 9.00-19.3

Peter Pan is a playhouse inspired by the fairytale of Peter Pan and his friends. It

is designed to resemble Peter Pan’s island, so that you can experience adventures

of this child hero. It is worth the travel, the whole family including older kids can enjoy it.

Pomaz (before Szentendre)

Address: Bihari Janos u. 1, Pomaz, 2013

Phone:(30) 577 2872

Info: Brand new playhouse with lots of activities till the age of 12. Also caters for birthday parties, there are 2 or 3 separate birthday party rooms that are decorated nicely . The place has activities for the tiny ones all the way to the big ones (they have a separate area that has a billiard table (don’t forget to bring your best pool sticks), ping pong table and even Xbox.) And what’s really great is they have healthy food at the snack bar/restaurant, not just the usual junk food so is a good place for the people who watch their health with healthy food and supplements from sites like



Zoltan Vajda February 8, 2023 at 9:06 pm

I’m just a little sorry to see that our plaster painting playhouse ( located in disctrict VIIth’s Gozsdu court (between Dob and Kiraly streets, 2 mins walk from Deak square) was not included in this otherwise wonderful post.
All the best,
Zoltan Vajda

Andi Lustak February 11, 2023 at 11:36 pm

As I said it on the fb page, I just didn’t even think of you guys as a traditional playhouse hence it just didn’t come to me but as promised I have now updated the article. Word press is acting up though as I couldn’t make the url live.

Victoria November 6, 2023 at 10:52 am

Just an update- The Peter Pan playhouse in Dunakeszi closed down.Also there’s a nice playhouse in district 15 Polus shopping center - Kaland park.

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