Labor Support: Everything You Need to Know

by Réka Morvay on August 30, 2023

Saturday, September 4,  2010.  2-7 PM

Új Életkör, Budapest
II., Szilágyi E. fasor 61. I./3.

To register, call or email Réka Morvay or +36 20 455-5836

Prices: 5000 Ft/person or 8500 Ft/expecting couple

Speaker/facilitator: A. Nandu Noll BA, CPM holistic midwife

In this practice-oriented workshop, participants acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills enabling them to support physiological labor in a well-timed, effective, empathetic way. The program consists of a detailed description of the various sensations, feelings and changes the mother is likely to experience in each phase of labor, and of the signs we can perceive from outside that help us make fairly accurate estimates about the progress of labor and dilation without vaginal exams. Participants learn when and how to help in order to facilitate labor in the most effective way, they accumulate a “toolbox” of medication-free pain management and comfort techniques, and learn about the role of emotional support as well, along with quite a few useful “tricks”. As to the practical part of the workshop, participants are given opportunity to practice a wide range of labor support techniques from compresses through massage to rebozo and position changing techniques. Optimal baby positioning is discussed, as well as the effects of maternal position on the dimensions of the pelvis and perineum. Simple objects are listed that can come handy in labor support. In addition, several other topics may be discussed – according to participants’ interests in preparation for attending childbirth. Participants receive course notes.
This workshop is recommended mainly for expecting mothers/couples and their family members, but childbirth professionals (doulas, midwives, obstetric and public health nurses, obstetricians) wishing to broaden their scope of labor support skills are most welcome as well.

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