Labor pain: What’s the point?

by Réka Morvay on November 24, 2023

Labor pain: What’s the point?

Someone recently asked me during one of my prenatal classes what the point of labor pain was.

I admit I was stumped. I was all prepared with tons of info about what labor pain feels like, what pain management techniques - both natural and medical - there exist for reducing it, how it is generated and how it can be interrupted, why interventions intervene, but somehow I was not prepared for this question of “what’s the use?” I mean, there must be some point to going through labor, otherwise we wouldn’t work this way.

So I looked it up. :) I read the conflicting theories about its evolutionary purpose and whether there is still a valid reason for experiencing it when we don’t necessarily have to.

Read the rest of the Labor Pain article at the link.

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