Budapest with kids – Parks (part 3) Buda Hills

by Andi Lustak on June 9, 2012

Buda Hills/ Janos-hegy, Normafa/ Children’s railway

I try to get up to the Buda hills a couple of times a year, it always has so much to offer whatever the season.  If you seriously want to get away from the smoke and the noise of the city, whether you wanna do some serious walking, hiking or biking or just enjoy nature and the scenery it’s the place to be, it’s hard to believe that this nature reserve still belongs to the city.

We normally drive up to Szechenyi-hegy or take the Cog-train (fogaskereku) up there and walk to Normafa first but a popular way of getting up to the hills if you are not afraid of heights is taking the Libego (Chair Lift) to Janos-hegy. There is a lovely wooden playground as you arrive and a great spot for a picnic with wooden benches and tables. You can hike down passing the playground to the Janos-hegy stop of the Children’s railway, a must do if you come up to the hills with kids or hike up to the Janoshegyi Kilato (Look out Tower of Janos-hegy) the highest point of Budapest with great views.

The Children’s Railway (built after World War II, and originally called Pioneer’s Railway) is run by children under the supervision of adult railway workers. It runs between Széchenyi hegy and Hűvösvölgy. A special steam train runs at certain hours, and in the Summer there are open carriages. The timetable is available here.


The Normafa field is one of my favourite spots in the city to admire the panoramic views of Budapest, you can even spot the Parliament from up there. It’s a lovely spot for picnics and strolls, it has some wooden toys of the grassy area and a cute strudel shop that sells coffee too.
Take the kids out and have fun!



Andi Lustak was born in Budapest and is a Freelance Technology PR consultant when she is working and a mom of a beautiful 2 years old daughter. Andi studied, worked and lived in London for 9 years before relocating back to Budapest to spend a big chunk of the year in her beloved home city with her British partner. She found Reka’s baby-mommy group when she was only 4 months pregnant in 2009 and met some great friends since through this great community. Baby-free time these days means watching a lot of box sets in the evening, she and her hubby are currently into Mad Man, Homeland and can’t wait for the new seasons of True Blood and Fringe.