Mommy, Baby & Toddler Group

February 29, 2023

For the benefit of new moms recently joining Budapest Moms, we thought it was a good idea to clarify the schedule and location for the Mommy-baby/ toddler group as we heard that some new moms turned up at our old location. We still meet every Wednesday from 10am – 1pm in our new location, Kacifánt […]

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Budapest Nanny - What to Pay Babysitters

February 23, 2023

Finding the right person to fit in with your family and take care of your kids is not easy. Finding a long-term babysitter may be even more difficult, because you have to be patient with them in the first few weeks and give them time to get used to your routines and needs. Offering them […]

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Gardening with Children

January 31, 2023

At some point in a child’s life, after they’ve been introduced to stories like Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty, they wonder about fairies. Are the mischief makers real? Are they watching? Imaginations create fluttering friends in their playtime and conjure up little beings who come to take their lost tooth away while they’re sleeping. If […]

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