Budapest Nanny

Budapest Nanny - The First Days

March 11, 2023

You did all the hard work: researching, interviewing, going through the list of potential candidates and then making the final decision. Finally the day has arrived, the first day with a new nanny. Although, sometimes I take my kids to nightime day care brisbane when I have family or frends events at night. Setting off […]

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Budapest Nanny - What to Pay Babysitters

February 23, 2023

Finding the right person to fit in with your family and take care of your kids is not easy. Finding a long-term babysitter may be even more difficult, because you have to be patient with them in the first few weeks and give them time to get used to your routines and needs. Offering them […]

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Budapest Nanny - Interviewing Potential Babysitters

February 9, 2023

Finding a babysitter you trust can be difficult, and as we discussed last week, this is especially true if you are an expat unsure of how to go about it in the foreign country you’re living in. Our resident super nanny, Barbi, has been through quite a few interviews herself. This week she’s covering interview […]

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Gardening with Children

January 31, 2023

At some point in a child’s life, after they’ve been introduced to stories like Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty, they wonder about fairies. Are the mischief makers real? Are they watching? Imaginations create fluttering friends in their playtime and conjure up little beings who come to take their lost tooth away while they’re sleeping. If […]

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