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Google GroupsBudapest Moms uses Google Groups to power our discussion forum/mailing list. You can browse messages from others through this website, just like a discussion forum (click on this link), or you can choose to receive messages by email in your inbox (most of our existing members use this option). You will need to create a Google Groups account for yourself to be able to post messages, though you can read older messages without one.

(Please note: All posts to the Budapest Moms Google Group are archived, and these archives are public and can be viewed by anyone. If you wish your name not to be associated with the messages you post here, for privacy reasons or because you have a job in which it would look unprofessional to have these messages associated with your name in case anyone searched, please make sure not to use your real name in your email address or settings.)

Welcome new members!


Budapest Moms is a virtual and real-life community for English-speaking mothers and their families in Hungary. The group is inclusive and welcomes members from all backgrounds and nationalities who wish to participate. In addition to the mailing list, we have a website at www.budapest-moms.com, and you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter. Real life events are organized regularly by volunteers like you. If you would like to organize something for the Budapest Moms community, please feel free to send the group an email with your idea.

Rules of participating in the discussion forum/mailing list/Google group
1. Please introduce yourself when you join. We love to meet new people and you just might find others from your neck of the woods.
2. Please be respectful of the other people and their views on this mailing list. We all come from different backgrounds, and may hold vastly different views on parenting, culture, religion, politics.
3. Please do not forward chain messages or spam to the group.
4. Please do feel free to ask any questions or share any information that you think the community could benefit from.

Joining and leaving
1. You may sign up using Google Groups web interface or request an invitation to join.
2. Your first email to the group will go through human moderation to check that you are a real person. That means that the first message you send to the group will have to be approved my a human moderator before it appears on the mailing list. Please be patient; this approval usually does not take longer than 24 hours. Your subsequent messages will not need to pass through moderation; this is a one-time check to weed out spammers.
3. If you find that you get too much email through the group, you can change your settings by visiting https://groups.google.com/group/budapestmoms/subscribe where you can choose not to receive email at all (and only check the messages through the group’s webpage), or to receive email only once a day.
4. If you would like to leave the group, please visit https://groups.google.com/group/budapestmoms/subscribe to unsubscribe yourself.

Welcome to the Budapest Moms mailing list!

We’re happy you’re here. :)


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