Budapest Moms Mission Statement

Statement of Philosophy

Budapest Moms is a community organization aimed at English-speaking families living in Hungary. We are inclusive of nationality, socioeconomic status, parenting and lifestyle choices. We aim to be a source of support, information, events and services for the community, by the community.

Statement of Purpose (aka Services Provided)

- to provide an online community to foreign families in Hungary (through the website forum, mailing list, facebook, etc)
- to provide an online collection of resources for foreign families in Hungary (on the budapest-moms website, in the form of a business directory, classified ads, articles, news, etc)
- to provide offline, or real life meeting opportunities for foreign families in Hungary (organized by volunteers in various locations)
- to organize commercial events for foreign families in Hungary (organized by paid organizers)
- to organize events to collect money towards a charitable cause
- to provide Budapest Moms community members with paid positions within the Budapest Moms organization
- to maintain good relations and network with other expat organizations in Hungary to better serve foreign families in Hungary

Organizational Structure

Budapest Moms organizational structure is in a state of transition right now, from all volunteers to paid positions.

At present:

- Budapest Moms is headed by its founder, Réka Morvay
- Budapest Moms staff members are volunteers who contribute their expertise towards providing the services detailed in the Statement of purpose section above.
- Meeting organizers are volunteers.
- Event organizers are paid (details below).

In the future, Budapest Moms aims to compensate all of its staff members for their work.

Financial Goals

Budapest Moms would like to create streams of income to pay for the following:

- maintenance of the website
- free mommy-baby groups
- compensate staff members for their work
- future projects

Potential sources of revenue:

- ad space on the Budapest Moms website
- corporate sponsors
- embassy sponsors
- membership fees


Budapest Moms Events and Event Organizers

Budapest Moms welcomes enthusiastic members to organize events and programs of interest to other members of the community, both free and paid.

Those members of Budapest Moms who organize paid events are welcome to use the mailing list and the website to advertise their event to the community at no cost, and to include the Budapest Moms logo on their event advertisements. Cheap vinyl banners sold at are also available. In return, Budapest Moms asks for 25% of the profits (revenues minus expenses) from each of these events.

All events must be pre-approved by Budapest Moms staff before advertisement can begin.

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Budapeste gul baba April 4, 2023 at 5:49 pm

I was so happy with meeting those nice people. Pls organize more even and let us know.


Vildan Aydin-Hübner January 5, 2024 at 5:23 pm

Hi, would you pls include me into your Mailing list for any News in Budapest.

Thanks, Vil


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