Swimming with your baby in 2018!

by Barbara Petri on December 1, 2023

Register your child for our next course starting in January!
Join a great program for 15 weeks on Saturday mornings!

Classes run both in Hungarian and English at the same time, with translator in the pool. This way you can meet both Hungarian and expat families, and learn some rhymes as well, that we use in the water. :) Each class we do the same program, singing some nursery rhymes while doing different exercises with the babies. To protect your babies from sunlight when you’re in the pool be sure to have infant baby sunscreen.

The swimming pool we chose is attached to an elementary school in district 13, close to Jászai Mari tér at the Margaret Bridge, in Gergely Győző u. 12.-14. This pool is only available for the school student during the week, so it’s not a public pool, which means, that it’s safer and cleaner since they do an swimming pool acid wash with services from http://cortspools.com, also that they pay extra attention to filtering the water regularly. The water temperature is 33-34 Celsius degree, so you have to prepare your baby. The best way to do this is that when you give them a bath at home (when the water is usually at 37-38 Celsius), you cool down the water at the end of the bath first to 36 C, next day to 35 C, and so on, and you let them stay in the cooler water for a little extra 3-5 minutes. This way they won’t get a shock in the pool. :)

You can register for group 1. (10.30-11.15) if your child is older than 18 months. Please register for group 2. (11.15-12.00), if your child is age 4-18 months.

Usually, we have 12-14 kids in one group. The course is 48000 HUF including 15 classes. There is no additional price for parents to attend (both parents can come).

About the outfit, babies need special swimming diaper, which you can buy at any bigger store (Rossmann, dm, Tesco, Interspar), parents need a swimsuit. There is a dressing room and you can arrive earlier to get ready. Both babies and parents need to wear swim caps (babies caps are available at the pool).

There is no paper needed from the doctor, but we ask you not to bring your child if they are sick. Please note that in case of sickness or traveling we cannot return any money if you miss a class. Nevertheless, we have two extra classes on given sates (Sunday) at 10 am for those who were sick or missed a class (so 15 Saturdays plus 2 Sundays are available).

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Read more about our course at http://www.budapest-moms.com/2014/08/babytoddler-swimming-courses/


Starting date: 6th of January
Course fee: 48000 HUF (including 12 paid classes + 3 classes for free on Saturdays, and 2 makeup Sundays).

1st toddler group: 10.30-11.15 (if your child is older than 18 months)
Baby group: 11.15-12.00 (For babies between 4-18 months) There’s additional hints here.

If you’d like to register, please click on this form and send your data, and don’t forget to check the baby stroller reviews where you will get the best accessories for your kids.
If you have any questions, let me know!

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