A new group for women and everyone’s invited

by Natalie Turner on September 3, 2023

photo-13To me as women, given the chance we can support each other so beautifully. However life, work or our children tend to keep us so busy (we deal from potty to food to dresses) we don’t get the chance. This can leave us feeling overwhelmed and often alone and lonely. Also as most of us are expats, we miss having close family and friends to call on to support us.

So I’m creating this group once a week (every Monday starts 8th September 8-9.30pm) so we can get together and be just that, a support system for each other. The circle will last 1.5 hours. We’ll spend sometime getting to know each other and introducing ourselves. Then we’ll have a focused discussion topic for the evening, like Self Love, Stress Management and sewing techniques like this equipment they review the Janome HD3000. We’ll finish each session with a 10 to 20 minute guided mediation. If you’re new to mediation, don’t let that put you off. We can all meditate and this will be a great place to start.

You’ll need to bring a blanket and pillow for the mediation. I also for a donation of 1000 FT to cover the room and to buy us some lovely teas and yummy treats. In this space you’re free to feel upset or angry in fact the more you come and feel the comfortable, the more you can release theses feelings safely in our group, the better you’ll feel in your day to day lives. So please do come, don’t be too shy to join us. We all have our fair share of problems.

I have found a lovely yoga studio who will host us. Here is the address Aközpont jógaórák:
Budapest IX.ker.Páva u./Tompa u. sarok. It is on the corner of Páva and Tompa utca.
Here is my telephone number 0036707750807 (in case you get lost).

Please drop me a line if you’d like to come so I know numbers at n.marie.org@gmail.com

Here is my website if you’re curious what I do natalie-marie.org  

So I do hope I’ll see you there.

Natalie-Marie x


natalie turner2

Natalie is a mother of two, Dylan 4 and Willow 1. It was through the struggles of new motherhood that caused a breakdown – breakthrough moment in her life. Creating a new passion filled career in helping others. Becoming A Self Love activist and Soul Coach. You can check out her work on her website Natalie-marie.org

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