Prenatal classes starting in June 2013

by Réka Morvay on June 15, 2023

Having a baby in Hungary: what’s the difference between the available hospitals, what is the standard Hungarian prenatal care protocol and what is included in it, what is the standard Hungarian hospital protocol during labor, what is the standard newborn care protocol in hospitals, how to choose the right hospital and care provider for you, what can you expect at your chosen hospital, how to register the birth of your baby in Hungary, what kinds of well baby and medical services are available for newborns, what kinds of services are available to you after your baby is born

Last month of pregnancy: what to expect, common symptoms and feelings, comfort techniques in the final month, getting ready physically and emotionally for labor and birth and the postpartum period, preparing for the arrival of the baby, common tests and procedures and what they reveal about your baby and your body, what is an NST, CTG, Bishop score, and what do they mean?

How does labor start? What are normal ways a labor can start? What signs are cause for concern? When to call your doctor or head to the hospital? Due dates, inductions, premature labor, post-dates labor. Braxton-Hicks, breaking water, mucus plug, false labor, etc.

Stages of labor: Early labor, active labor, pushing, placenta, golden hour – what happens, what it feels like, what your helper can do

Pain management options, pain medications. Labor variations: precipitous labor, average labor, long labor, ecstatic labor, premature labor, cesarean section.

Birth Movie: We are going to watch the movie called Organic Birth, followed by a question and answer session about the births we saw in the movie.

Newborn baby care: what is normal newborn baby appearance and behavior, how to dress, clean and comfort a baby, normal and accepted intake and output, vaccination schedules, baby sleep patterns, ensuring optimal development, how to tell that your newborn is healthy, common baby problems and how to solve them

C-section: A class specifically for those who know they are going to have a c-section. Topics covered: what to expect during a c-section, what are the indications for a c-section, what choices do you have in a c-section, what happens during a c-section, how can a helper help during and after a c-section, how to breastfeed successfully after a c-section

VBAC: vaginal birth after cesarean, what are the professional guidelines, who is it recommended for, what are the recommendations, who can have one, how to best prepare to maximize your chances of having a vbac

Breastfeeding: what are the benefits of breastfeeding, how can you avoid the most common breastfeeding pitfalls, how to solve the most common breastfeeding problems, how often and how long to breastfeed, when/how to introduce bottles, solids, formula, when and how to stop breastfeeding, how to handle breastfeeding and illness, what to do if you don’t have enough milk, what to do if breastfeeding is painful, where can you seek help for breastfeeding problems.



Please note that schedule changes are possible based on participant demand, so always double-check by email with Réka Morvay, before you arrive.

Location: FirstMed Centers (Hattyúház, Hattyú utca 14, 5th floor, 1015 Budapest). Click here for directions.
Cost: HUF 5000 / woman or couple / class


Classes are open to everyone, not just FirstMed clients!

Registration is necessary!


Please contact Réka Morvay at to register or inquire about alternate times.

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