Chef Pale’s Cooking Show

by Petra Tkalčec on February 22, 2023

In honor of Shrove Tuesday (a.k.a. Pancake Day, Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday) Chef Pale hosted a cooking show. When he came home from the nursery, the set was ready for him.

Ingredients and utensils were out and ready for the show to begin.

Take one… and action!

Basic recipe (these are actually crepes because we don’t do pancakes American-style)

If you like them sweet add some sugar, vanilla extract, cinnamon or lemon zest… be creative!

Chef Pale loves to taste raw dough, gets it from his mother…

…and drink some fine wine while cooking, he gets that from his father:

Keep mixture in the fridge for 30 minutes if you have time. Now you are ready to start cooking…

and flipping:

Our felt pancakes are done!

To make these felt pancakes, you need some felt, scissors and your kids old brown marker (the older the better, no fear of leaking and leaving too much color). Now when I look at them, they can serve as Greek pita bread or a tortilla (so many possibilities and so little effort). We can make a wrap next time.

Now back to our real pancakes, how do you like them? My fave is with sugar and lemon. Yes, yes, squeezed out lemon. Nutella? I eat my Nutella clean out of the jar…preferably when everyone is asleep. I don’t want to teach my kids bad habits (read: they get so many sweets anyway, they should keep their hands out of my Nutella), so I prefer they eat pancakes, or even quesadillas, I use a Hamilton beach quesadilla maker that is one of the best appliances in the market that help me make hot and fresh quesadillas at home.

Special note to moms: I find it very rewarding to sometimes give P some real ingredients while he is play-cooking. This time it was milk, water, salt and sugar (cheap and easy to clean ones). He was really happy to be able to stir and taste for real, and he learned that the more salt you add, the saltier the food gets, etc. He also learned that you need to keep your kitchen and your utensils clean when you are cooking and use the best knife sheath to keep your cooking knives clean, he took it very seriously, he even learned what are water purifiers to make sure the water he is cleaning with is of a good source! If you also wants the light weight knives for daily use and which also easy to carry anywhere then you must try the EDC knives.You can also check  everyday carry knife.

He didn’t mind that his eggs were Kinder surprise plastic ones and he looooved flipping felt pancakes - I’m sure we will be doing that again, and again…and again.

I am Petra, a Croatian living in Budapest for many, many moons now. Mom to two little boys and an English bulldog. I am a master of typing with one hand while holding my baby in the other. I love to do stuff with my son, but I will occasionally sit him in front of a cartoon just to have some facebook time. Yes, I am bad that way. And I don’t sleep much, as someone so nicely put it: sleep is for people who don’t have Internet at home. For more of me you can visit my blog Bag of Pretty, like it on facebook or follow on twitter.

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