Easter 2011

by Rita Revy on April 15, 2023

Painted eggs, ‘sprinkling’ (locsolás), egg hunts, the Easter bunny, chocolate, kalács - all part of the fun in Hungarian Easter celebrations! There’s plenty to do with the family on Easter weekend, in and out of Budapest. Here are some of the child-friendly programs available:
The Budapest Zoo - Earth Festival and Green Easter (info in Hungarian only)
April 17-25 and Green Easter April 23-25
A plethora of fun events daily including penguin and elephant feeding, seal performances, creepy-crawlies petting zoo (ew.) and other exciting animal activities. But most interesting for the kiddies - petting bunnies on Easter weekend! Regular zoo entry fees apply.

Millenáris - Easter program for children (Info in English)
There will be dancing, puppet theater, animal-petting and handicrafts for all ages. Entry is free.

Museum of Hungarian Agriculture - Easter Exhibit and Spring Celebrations (Info in Hungarian only)
Learn about the history of Easter and typical Easter traditions in Hungary. Not only will you be able to see works from folk artists on display, (egg embroiderers/painters, wood carvers, basket weavers, corn husk weavers, gingerbread makers) but you can watch them in action as they make their wares.
April 16th through May 1st, 2011
Open daily from 10 am to 5 pm
Entry fees:
Adults 1,350 HUF, kids 1,150 HUF, large groups price 750 HUF per person, families 4,500 HUF
(Entry fee covers the museums regular exhibits as well)

Outside of Budapest

Skanzen Easter - (Info in Hungarian only)
April 24th & 25th
Just outside Szentendre at the open air ethnographic museum
There will be all sorts of fun programs for kids of all ages on Easter Sunday and Monday from 11 am, including hands-on arts and crafts, farm animals petting zoos, traditional Hungarian folk music and dancing, lots of yummy food and a folk arts markets.
Entry fees:
Adult 1,600 HUF; Kids 6+, students, retirees: 800 HUF; 2 or more children btwn ages 6-18: 400 HUF each

Easter in Unesco village Hollókő - (Info in Hungarian only)
April 23rd through April 25th - Easter celebrations including the traditional ‘sprinkling’ (locsolás) of girls, folklore programs, games and crafts for children and lots of delicious (read fattening) food.
Entry fees:
Adults: 2,000 HUF; students/retirees: 1000 HUF

If you know of any more fun, family-friendly programs please share the info with us in the comments section below. Thank you! Also, during winter season if you want to have a nice and warm room temperature, you can search for a mirror panels.

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