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Rank’s Ramblings – First Name Day

February 27, 2012

The Hungarian Name Day is one of my favorite celebrations in Hungary. What a novel idea! It’s like a second birthday! Our daughter, Eleanor, had her name day a few days ago. When we had our daughter I specifically wanted a name that was both American and Hungarian. Even though we don’t plan to live […]

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Budapest Nanny – What to Pay Babysitters

February 23, 2012

Finding the right person to fit in with your family and take care of your kids is not easy. Finding a long-term babysitter may be even more difficult, because you have to be patient with them in the first few weeks and give them time to get used to your routines and needs. Offering them […]

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Bibi’s Bites – Chicken Fingers

February 1, 2012

This recipe is one of many that my mother-in-law, Gladys, taught me when I got married. She is a fantastic cook and I have always been impressed by her ability to cook food that pleases both children and adults. So, thank you, Gladys! Today I am happy to spread the joy of cooking Alberta, Canada-style […]

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Budapest Nanny – Finding a Babysitter

January 31, 2012

Barbi is our resident ‘Super Nanny’. She is here to answer all your questions about anything to do with babysitters, babysitting, babies, babies and babies! We all get to the point when we realize we just need to get out, be it for date night or just a few hours of mommy time during the […]

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Bibi’s Bites – Wonder Muffins

January 11, 2012

We have all been in that situation, when your mother calls and tells you that she is coming by in half an hour, or friends stop by to drop of your long-forgotten book and end up staying for over two hours or the kids want something yummy ‘now!’ just as you get comfortable on the […]

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