Baby stores in Budapest

by Réka Morvay on June 23, 2023

This question has come up a number of times in mommy-baby group: where can one go shopping for baby in Budapest? Of course, many basic items for baby (like carseats, prams/strollers, clothes, linens, toys, carriers, diapers, bottles, etc) can be purchased at your local Tesco, Auchan or Cora. Kika and Ikea have lots of baby furniture and clever little accessories, and even smaller supermarkets like Kaiser’s will carry some baby items, many of them at surprisingly better prices than some baby stores. So it’s worth checking out your supermarket’s baby aisle when you’re doing your grocery shopping.

There are two large baby chains in Budapest (and to some extent in the rest of Hungary, too). These two are Brendon and Kenguru Gold. Each has several locations and stores of various sizes scattered all over. They sell a very wide variety of baby products, so it may be worth visiting them just to get a sense of what types of products are out there. They are, however, most decidedly not cheap.

Additionally, all of the major malls have at least one baby store, so look around the next time you visit Mammut, Árkád, WestEnd, MOM Park, Arena, Duna Plaza, Asia Center, Pólus, Europark, Lurdy Ház, Campona, etc. (Click on the links to see the list of stores at these malls.) Again, stores found in malls are usually not in the cheap category.

Of course, there are also a good number of independent, smaller stores and discount warehouses where they sell baby related items. Here are some of them broken down by district. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list.

1st district

Babyfun Babadiszkont

1015 Csalogány utca 42/A 1.

3rd district

Bogi Bababolt

1032 Ágoston utca 3.


1032 Zápor utca 69.

4th district

Baby Planet

1043 Aradi utca 16.

6th district


1062 Lehel utca 1/b.

7th district


1074 Rákóczi út 64-Hársfa utca 1 (corner)

Enikő Bababolt

107? Klauzál tér 10.

8th district

Elefáni Bababolt

1085 Baross utca 10.

Kismama bababolt

1083 Somogyi Béla utca 5.

9th district

ASTI Babaáruház

1095 Soroksári út 110.


109? Gubacsi út 6/a

Bababoo Bababolt

1095 Ipar utca 2/b.

Baby Outlet

1095 Soroksári út 160.

Brumi Maci

1095 Mester utca 13.

11th district


1118 Regős utca 14.

Elefáni Babadiszkont

1113 Bocskai út 38-40.

13th district

Mária Babacentrum

1132 Visegrádi utca 25.

Baba Szafari

113? Váci út 99.

14th district


1149 Nagy Lajos király útja 112.

Apróságok Háza

1142 Erzsébet királyné útja 125.

16th district


1164 Felsőmalom utca 3/b.

18th district

Elefáni Babadiszkont

1182 Petőfi utca 14/a.


1183 Zsolt utca 30.

Panda Babaház

1184 Üllői út 387.

Bippa Babadiszkont

1188 Nagykőrösi út 53.

20th district

Bababolt Csepelen

1214 Kossuth Lajos utca 144.

This is by no means a complete list! Please feel free to leave a comment and provide info about a store you’ve found!

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