Fake Cake Fun

by Petra Tkalčec on March 13, 2012

Why make a fake cake, you ask?

Pale started going to the nursery when he was 1.5 years old. He is the eldest one in the group, so his birthday came first. I had all sorts of plans how to make his first ‘independent’ b-day party special and what kind of fun sweets to make. Boy, was I in for a surprise when they told me NO HOMEMADE GOODIES ALLOWED, all I had left in my mind was the kids birthday parties in Peoria from http://www.jumpersjungle.com/peoria/!

Hungarian Public Health Services (ÁNTSZ) does not allow homemade food to be brought in and given to children. Instructions were simple, you can bring anything in it’s original packaging and a clearly visible expiration date.

I did not just want to buy a box of cookies, that is not fun at all. So, I had to figure something else out. Something FAKE. A Fake Cake.

Fake Cake 1

Fake Cake 1 is made from a sour cream container. There are different sizes, so it can be made according to how many sweets it needs to accommodate. Ours was a 700g container and fit 14 Turo Rudi’s perfectly.

I used brown and white felt for chocolate and sugar frosting, colorful buttons for M&M-ish effect (I sewed the buttons on before I glued the felt onto the container) and lace trim to hide the ugly white part of the container that was left uncovered after I stuck the brown felt on. I needed the container to stay a container, so it could be filled with goodies and using lace trim for that narrow part in the bottom worked perfectly.

What can I say? Should I be modest? The kids loved the cake – it was colorful, had real candles on it and had a unique element of surprise which children love so much. Plus it was filled with chocolate – what more could kids wish for?!

(In case you were wondering, we used it this year again on the morning of his birthday, hence the three candles in the second picture.)

Fake Cake 2

This year, I did not want to repeat myself, so I was really lucky to find Haribo sour thingies in a container that looks just like a cake when you turn it upside down!

I just covered the label with some decorative paper and put on some candles again. Easy peasy!

And again, they loved it. Kids love it even if they only get sweets, without a big fuss around it, but I do know for a fact they also LOVE the unusual and exciting. This ‘cake’ is just an upside-down plastic container, but P’s friends loved it so much and talked about it for days afterwards. This makes me happy, and it also makes me feel like a COOL mom. And THAT is not a bad feeling at all!

If you would like to see pictures of P’s party at home, jump over to my blog where you can also see my last-minute, non-Fake cake.

I am Petra, a Croatian living in Budapest for many, many moons now. Mom to two little boys and an English bulldog. I am a master of typing with one hand while holding my baby in the other. I love to do stuff with my son, but I will occasionally sit him in front of a cartoon just to have some facebook time. Yes, I am bad that way. And I don’t sleep much, as someone so nicely put it: sleep is for people who don’t have Internet at home. For more of me you can visit my blog Bag of Pretty, like it on facebook or follow on twitter.

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Petra March 13, 2012 at 12:14 pm

This is such a great idea! I’m definitely going to use this once although it won’t be original anymore :-) I’m surprised what strict rules they have here in the nurseries..


Helena, Craft and Creativity September 25, 2013 at 8:29 am

Great cakes! Really good ideas and they look yummy! :)


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