Monkey Parade

by Rita Revy on February 17, 2012

We discovered expat mum Petra blogging away recently and asked her to do a guest post – we hope it turns into a regular thing! She and her son did some major monkeying around this past weekend and Petra lets us in on the fun with her jolly description and lovely photos:

Last Saturday I took P (my almost 3 year old son) to see a puppet show. All I had was this leaflet and a very enthusiastic little boy running to get to Ráday Street 20.

We entered a sweet, little bookstore, called ‘Két Egér’ (Two Mice) and were greeted by nice, smiling people. The show will take place on the gallery floor of the bookstore, they said, and is about to begin, so we better hurry up and take our coats off and they will wait for us. Nobody asked us for money, which was nice for a change.

Every Saturday Két Eger hosts an art, literature or handcrafts workshop for children which they call ‘Szines Egér’ (Colorful Mouse), always featuring a different guest. This time it was the MARA Factory consisting of two talented illustrators (Mariann Máray and Blanka Radnóti) teaming up with childrens writer Adél Várszegi to create colorful programs for children in Budapest. The show we saw was Jákifészek (Jaki’s nest). There were, of course, monkeys in it, big and small.

…and a nest…

There were snakes and dragons too, and little boys who wanted to touch them.

The show was short enough for the little ones to be able to sit through it, and funny enough for bigger kids to enjoy. After the show finished the real fun began. All the animals and props were left out for the children to play with, which was widely enjoyed. Some tried on the monkey hats…

… and some learned how a magnifying glass makes your eyes big and funny.

Monkeys were all around us!

With help of the MARA girls, we even got to make some to take home:

You could choose between coloring, cutting and glueing monkeys. As for my son, he chose to cut the coloring page. He is still in that destroy-rather-than-build phase, it seems.

All in all, it was a perfect Saturday program for us. We came home filled with new experiences and ready for our afternoon nap – Happy monkey dreams!

The next Colorful Mouse event at Két Egér bookstore is ‘Create a Mythological Creature’ with illustrator Csilla Kőszeghy on Saturday, February 18 at 11 am.

The next MARA factory event is a Monkey Parade exhibition opening on February 20th at the Marczibányi Arts Center M Gallery, with a monkey workshop for children on March 3rd at 3 pm.

I am Petra, a Croatian living in Budapest for many, many moons now. Mom to two little boys and an English bulldog. I am a master of typing with one hand while holding my baby in the other. I love to do stuff with my son, but I will occasionally sit him in front of a cartoon just to have some facebook time. Yes, I am bad that way. And I don’t sleep much, as someone so nicely put it: sleep is for people who don’t have Internet at home.

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